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Iomic X-Evolution Grip

  • Iomic X-Evolution Grip
    Iomic X-Evolution Grip
    Iomic X-Evolution Grip This next generation X-Grip has a slightly thicker grip wall than X-Grip. The new X-pattern provides you remarkable contact. Finally, a grip that delivers both accuracy and stability for superior performance.. For Woods & Irons / Diameter: M60 Weight: 50+ 2 grams Since its launch, the "IOMIC" grips have attracted the attention of many professional golfers. Based on the ergonomic design, its super soft touch and feel ensures maximum feedback to players. The unique compound creates extreme water-proof capability and guarantees a more stable round in high humidity. We have pursued every possibility to make your round of golf comfortable and stable. Grip is the only component that connects to a golfer and golf club. A golfer's club impacts the ball with a great moment of force. With conventional grips, the impact can often cause the grip to shift in a golfer's hand. The lack of traction on conventional grips essentially creates inconsistent shots even when the same golf swing is applied. This is where IOMIC's innovative grip technology can aid the golfer. Unique Material, not made of rubber IOMIC grip's quality and performance is the result of using a specially formulated material called "ELASTOMER".  It makes IOIMC grips highly water proofed and very durable. IOMIC grips are made using High Pressure Injection Molding to achieve its superb quality. Using this method, we are able to achieve a truly consistent grip. The weight on each grip has a differential of plus minus 2 grams. The method used to produce conventional rubber grips have a 5 to 8 gram margin of error.

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