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Zero Friction Hardwood Tees

  • Zero Friction Hardwood Tees
    Zero Friction Hardwood Tees
    Zero Friction Hardwood Golf Tees    Zero Friction Hardwood. Zero Friction Hardwood take the theory of Less Resistance equals more distance to a whole new level. Zero Friction Hardwood features a cup size 30% smaller than traditional tees. Again, less contact are between the cup and the ball, the less spin which leads to further drives. Everyone knows the strength of Zero Friction Biodegradable is legendary. We had to make sure Zero Friction Hardwood weren't like tooth picks, so we turned them from a premium rock solid hardwood (hence the clever name)! Is there another product in the world of golf that is hotter than Zero Friction Golf Tees? We think NOT!   "Zero Friction Golf Tees have taken on a life of their own", says Ken McDonald, PGA Tour Rep. "In my 15 years on Tour, I have never seen an accessory take off like this. It is truly amazing how the PGA Pros have accepted this product, and in such a short time. It just blows me away!"   In 14 short weeks Zero Friction Golf Tees have claimed 27 top 10 finishes and an unreal 5 professional victories! 2 Top 10's came last week at the Buick Open.   What is even more amazing, is how retailers and consumers have accepted this product. Zero Friction Golf Tees are flying off the shelf at retailers everywhere.   What makes the Zero Friction Golf Tee different from the other "performance" golf tees on the market?   Well, the Zero Friction Golf Tees are the first performance golf tee that looks like a traditional golf tee. Golf is a traditional game, and no one wants to hit a golf ball off some monstrosity. We wanted to be true to the integrity of the game, and the Zero Friction Golf Tee does just that.   The Zero Friction Performance Golf Tee flat out performs. There are other "alternative" golf tees on the market that claim they are the longest or the performance golf teesstraightest, but the Zero Friction Golf Tee out performed them all! Independently tested by one of the leading golf laboratories in the world, the Zero Friction Golf Tee was hands down, the longest and most accurate performance golf tee ever produced.

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