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Nuru Viz U

  • Nuru Viz U
    Nuru Viz U
    Nuru VIZ-U A three-in-one golf training aid that helps you: square your stance, square your putter and visualize the first 8 inches of your putts A good putt is determined within the first 8 inches. If you start a putt right, it will likely end right. The VIZ-U trains golfers to visualize those first 8 inches of every putt. How do I use it? 1. Take a moment to visualize the line between your ball and the cup. 2. Point the VIZ-U toward the cup, accounting for any break that your line may contain. 3. Square your stance with the VIZ-U's horizontal axis. 4. Square your club face with the VIZ-U's vertical axis. 5. Putt away, ensuring that you roll the ball down the first 8 inches of your line.

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