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Relora 90ct Baywood

  • Relora 90ct Baywood
    Relora 90ct Baywood
    NOW Foods
    Description: Relora® is an exciting new natural anti-anxiety and stress relief ingredient used to control stress-related eating and drinking that has the added value of being non-sedating with potential anti-depressant properties. Relora®, a natural dietary supplement developed by Next Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in Irvine California, was developed to improve mood, help stressed individuals relax, and to normalize the hormones related to stress-induced eating. Eighty percent (80%) of stressed adults studied feel more relaxed with Relora®. Relora® has also been shown in a pilot study to normalize cortisol levels in stressed individuals. Preliminary findings suggest that Relora® can decrease the cravings for high fat, high sugar foods in stressed individuals, most likely due to its ability to normalize stress hormone levels that cause these cravings.The Inside Scoop: Relora may help you feel more relaxed and even sleep better!Nutrition Facts: Serving Size (cap) 1 Servings Per 90 *Relora 250mg Ingredient Details: *Relora: a proprietary blend of patent-pending extracts of magnoila officinalis and philodendron amurense.Suggested Use: See bottle for specific useage.

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