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Uncle Alberts Magical Album

  • Uncle Alberts Magical Album
    Uncle Alberts Magical Album
    Avanquest Software
    Uncle Albert was a little eccentric. Some thought that he may have been a genius. And some thought that he was a little unusual because he spent much of his time doing useless things such as raising insects, counting stars and building useless machines. Kids thought that Albert was awfully nice. He was a great storyteller. He always wrote his stories and experiments down in a book. He called it his 'Secret Album' and he was never seen without it. It was said that, inside the album, there was a hidden treasure. Some thought that the treasure was lost. After finding his magical album up in the attic, you may think differently... Welcome to Uncle Albert's Magic Album! Inside the Album is where your adventure takes place. As stated above, somewhere in the album is a secret treasure, but it won't be easy getting to it. The treasure will free 'Tom', a small lizard, that was accidentally closed up inside of the book by the absent minded Uncle Arthur. You will have to explore all of the pages of the Album to reach your goal. You will also have to answer riddles, avoid traps and open secret passages. There are tools, animals, insects and clues to help you solve the puzzles and mysteries. But look out, there are dangers along the way. Ages 7-12

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