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Federal Shadow Box

  • Federal Shadow Box
    Federal Shadow Box
    Patriotic Items
    * Hand crafted with solid mahogany for beauty and durability* Solid mahogany structure with no laminates, veneers, or particle boards* Displays official 5' X 9.5' flag (optional)* Elegantly crafted solid brass stars* Crystal clear, shatter-proof Plexiglas panels that are 10 times stronger than glass yet 50 percent lighter* Superior conservation of your medals and flags. Plexiglas panels have ultraviolet protection that is 1.7 times more effective than that of glass* Finished with a fine lacquer for protection of the wood and a lasting luster* Easy access through the back for placement of your flag and insignia* Secure brackets in the back allow you to hang it on a wall. You can also place it on a desk or shelf* Dimensions: 30 in. wide, 24 in. high, 3.75 in. deep* Items in case not included* Available for immediate shipping.

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